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Isabelle majored in Sociology, but missed a creative dimension in her life. She is now finishing up her Journalism studies and will soon be entering the grown-up world.

Isabelle has an endless curiosity for all things lifestyle with a special love for interior design. When she is not behind her desk writing for Why Not Monday or Roomin, you can find her exploring new cities, discovering new stories and snooping around people’s homes looking for inspiration. She currently lives in a dorm flat but dreams about her own apartment (a loft, please) where she has enough space to store her collection of magazines. Post cards and posters from musuemshops from all over the world are her favorite kind decoration (and a good alternative if you can’t afford the real art stuff).

"My favourite piece of furniture is a little cabinet bought in a thrift shop. It didn’t look pretty at first, but with some white paint it became the perfect bedside table.”

Favourite room in the house:
My future bedroom. “It has to be a bright room with big windows, so you can wake up naturally. At night it has to be cosy so you feel relaxed when you go to sleep. But it will probably be the bed that makes this room my favorite. I dream about those beds you find in fancy hotels. I also have a weak spot for pillows. The more the merrier.”

Favourite city:
London. “It’s hard to pick one favorite, because every city has a unique vibe. But I can see myself living in London. It’s a very vibrant city where you can always discover something new, from art galleries to coffeeshops (and yes, musicals). I always feel inspired and energised when I leave.”