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A little twist

A little twist

Kim and Greg’s living room bathes in sunlight, which is why the couple loves to have breakfast right here. But the thing that most brightens up this space, is the colourful rug on the floor.

“Everything in our home is quite neutral, so the rug, together with the pillows, kind of breaks this grey and white palette and adds a little twist to our interior. If we move to a house someday, this rug is something I see moving into a nursery, so it will definitely stay in our lives.”

As seen in the photo:
Sofa: Meubelen Neven
Morrocan pillows: bought at a market in Istanbul
Yellow velvet pillow: Donum
Rug and curtains: IKEA
Table: vintage
Lamp: Gesso
Book case: made to measure
Candle holders: Piet Stockmans

Interior inspiration by Kim Daenen.
Photography and storytelling by Stephanie Duval.

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