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At home gallery

At home gallery

At work, Danique is surrounded by all things pretty, as she works at the Fashion Museum in Antwerp. But her home feels like a little gallery, too. Each wall holds a nice print to look at.

Danique and her boyfriend Chris love to visit museums in their spare time, and museum shops are their favourite place to buy interior decoration. “Museum shops are a great source to buy wall decoration. In there, you can find a lot of prints of the real artwork. Otherwise, advertisement for a movie or the opening of an exhibition can look like a great piece of art, too. It’s also nice to discover upcoming illustrators or artists and buy their first prints to support them.” When it comes to decorating these prints, there are no rules. Danique just likes to switch it up occasionally, and that’s when these shelves come in very handy. No drilling machine needed!

As seen in the photo:
Sofa: Aba-i
Carpet: vintage (family heritage)
Shelves: IKEA

Interior inspiration by Danique Klijs.
Storytelling by Isabelle Van Orshaegen.
Photography by Laura Willems.

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