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DIY Eames

DIY Eames

A vintage Eames chair is the colourful eyecatcher against this bright white backdrop. Kim found its shell at an antique market and added a black metal base to it to give it some edge.

“The rest of the items in the living room just sort of came together and are a reflection of different phases in my life, from back when I was in university until my very first own apartment. It all moved with me every time, as my style became more and more grown up. I like how it all fits so well into the style of the building, with its ceiling-high windows. Our apartment can look different every week, because we like to mix things up and place items in different rooms. The blanket on the chair, which is a souvenir Greg bought during his travels through South America, is one of my favorites. It is super soft and I use it on the couch on cold winter evenings.”

As seen in the photo:
Sofa: Meubelen Neven
Chair: Herman Miller
Blanket on sofa: IKEA
Top blanket on chair: IKEA
Bottom blanket on chair: bought in Ecuador
Framed poster: Paper Collective
Glass bowl: part of a vintage lamp

Interior inspiration by Kim Daenen.
Photography and storytelling by Stephanie Duval.

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