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Just like Yves

Just like Yves

The desk in the living room isn’t just there for aesthetics, although admittedly, it’s really pretty to look at.

Chris works a couple of days a week at home, so a nice and inspiring desk is a necessity. They got inspired to buy this desk after watching the Yves Saint Laurent documentary. The glass tablet on the wooden trestle table makes it a lot more refined than a wooden board would.

As seen in the photo:
Cupboard: vintage Pastoe
Office Chair: vintage Friso Kramer
Desk: Studio Simple
Print: Henri Cartier-Bresson retrospective in the Martin-Gropius-Bau in Berlin 2004

Interior inspiration by Danique Klijs.
Storytelling by Isabelle Van Orshaegen.
Photography by Laura Willems.

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