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Made to measure

Made to measure

The previous owners of Kim and Greg’s apartment had this book case made to measure. Kim originally wanted to tear it down, but luckily came to her senses just in time.

“I love how it stands out behind the couch and we like to put my travel books and Greg’s wine books on display, along with some of our favorite little items and prints. I keep rearranging it, but I think that’s part of the charm. You’re never finished decorating a shelf.”

As seen in the photo:
Sofa: Meubelen Neven
Morrocan pillows: bought at a market in Istanbul
Yellow velvet pillow: Donum
Rug and clip-on lamp: IKEA
Table: vintage
Book case: custom made
Candle holders on the table: Piet Stockmans
Candle holders on the shelves: Menu
Framed print: Cocolapine

Interior inspiration by Kim Daenen.
Photography and storytelling by Stephanie Duval.

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