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Mommy cool

Mommy cool

When growing up, mothers don't always understand your style in clothes or interior design. So when she buys you something without you knowing, you kinda start panicking and practicing your happy and surprised face. Luckily, that wasn’t the case for Danique. Her mom knows what her daughter loves, like this pretty chair.

“My mom found it on a flea market and thought my sister or me might like it. I was the lucky one”, tells Danique, “The chair didn’t have any pillows, so we had some custom made. I had my eye on the print for a long time but never really knew what to use it for. The exotic, colourful print is a perfect match with the dark and heavy wood of the frame of the chair. It brings everything in balance.”

As seen in the photo:
Chair: vintage, upholstered with fabric from Strand West in Utrecht
Carpet: vintage (family heritage)
Side table: Zuiver
Candleholder: vintage Iitala
Coffee pot: souvenir from Ethopia

Interior inspiration by Danique Klijs.
Storytelling by Isabelle Van Orshaegen.
Photography by Laura Willems.

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