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Second hand love

Second hand love

The interior of Danique and Chris is a collection of great finds.

“We like to spend some time online searching for a specific designer or brand. But, if I’m being honest, we often stumble upon the best pieces when we’re not looking for something in particular. I also like to sniff around flea markets abroad. But, if you’re looking for some great vintage of antique pieces, don’t forget your grandparent’s attic! It’s where we found this mirror – and we didn’t need to spent a dime!”

As seen in the photo:
Cupboard: vintage
Mirror: vintage (family heritage)
Lamp: Muuto
Candleholder left: Hay
Candleholder right: Nappula Iittala
Illustrations: Nina Maissouradze

Interior inspiration by Danique Klijs.
Storytelling by Isabelle Van Orshaegen.
Photography by Laura Willems.

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