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Secret decorating formula

Secret decorating formula

Kim has decorating down to an art, creating little nooks and corners filled with personal treasures and eye-catching objects. We asked her for her secret formula…

“The mix of old and new, luxury and cheap, traditional and modern is important to me. I love it when there’s a story to the things that surround me. Purchasing the more expensive but timeless items in my home was really a great experience, giving me the feeling that I invested in quality. Fabrics are also an important part of my interior as it can soften the modern things.”
As seen in the photo:
Hanging lights: Tove Adman - Edison Lights
Framed print: Paper Collective
Bedding and vase: IKEA
Pillows: The Recollection, Antwerp
Wooden hand and blocks: HAY
Skull: vintage
Paint: Mathys Cachemire ‘Vert Olivier’

Interior inspiration by Kim Daenen.
Photography and storytelling by Stephanie Duval.

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