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The best of everything

The best of everything

These days, it’s hard to find your way trough all the different styles your interior can be. So, why not mix it up?

Danique would never like to live in a house where there’s just one interior style. She’s always trying to find a balance between antique furniture, vintage and modern pieces. She mixes things up like a pro! Just look at this classic cabinet with some Scandinavian accessories and a bright coloured print she got for free at an exhibition.

As seen in the photo:
Print: Richard Mosse
Fruit bowl: vintage souvenir from Portugal
Candleholder: Hay
Pencil case: Hay
Scented candle in jar: Le Labo

Interior inspiration by Danique Klijs.
Storytelling by Isabelle Van Orshaegen.
Photography by Laura Willems.