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100% newspaper

100% newspaper

Brecht likes decoration pieces that have a story. He doesn’t just buy something because he likes it; it should have some sort of deeper meaning.

“This is a special edition newspaper cabinet in Indigo Blue. It is made of steel and 100% newspaper. No, I’m not making that up!”, he laughs. Another cool detail: the blue details of this cabinet match the coloured panelling in the seating area.

As seen in the photo:
Table: vintage, painted in Steel Grey by Emente
Chairs: Legera by Gio Ponti
Porcelain lamp: Dick van Hoff
Arcrylic painting: ‘K I’ by Marian Beschoner
Picture: ‘S III’ by Marian Beschoner
Newspaper cabinet: Vij5
Wall art: cutting boards by Muller van Severen
Clay cups and bowls: Atelier NL
Interior inspiration by Brecht Baert, co-founder and curator of Studio Helder.
Photography by Liesbet Goetschalckx.
Storytelling by Sanne Meurs.

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