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A happy home life

A happy home life

Frederic works as a cargo pilot, so he’s abroad every other week. Charlotte used to have a very hectic work life, but decided to leave the marketing and sales world to start her own business.

As Charlotte enjoys the privilege of working from home again, the couple loves to spend time together in their apartment (when Frederic isn’t away, that is.) Every item in their home was bought after a lot of thought, and that’s how they turned the apartment into their happy place. When they saved some money, however, they always ask themselves the following question: ‘Shall we spend it on furniture or travel?’ Even though they love being at home in their favourite city, the couple also feels the urge to leave the country and explore other, lesser known regions of the world. 

As seen in the photo:
Clock: George Nelson for Vitra
Interior inspiration by Charlotte and Frederic.
Photography by Liesbet Goetschalckx.
Storytelling by Laura Willems.

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