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A kitchen with a little edge

A kitchen with a little edge

"The kitchen is literally the centre of the house. Early in the design phase we decided to build an open kitchen. There is not one wall in our kitchen, besides the splash wall behind the hot plate. Our architect understood us well."

“Because the house is very open, we wanted to make sure the fixed furniture pieces would not dominate. That’s why we chose a white kitchen. The dark grey – almost black – splash wall gives the kitchen that little ‘edge’.”

As seen in the photo:
Kitchen: custom made (Frako), worktop: Solid Surface, cabinets: powder coating
Lamp: La Lampe Mantis (DCW-éditions)
Chair: Ekenäset (IKEA)
Bench: Sinnerlig (IKEA)
Interior inspiration by Katrien Iemants and Jan Segers for Feeling Wonen.
Styling by Sigrid de Ceuleneer.
Photography by Liesbet Goetschalckx.
Storytelling by Sanne Meurs.