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A life in London

A life in London

Cristina and Philippe still have a souvenir from the time they worked in London; the Tecno Nomos table designed by Norman Foster.

The tables were used in the meeting rooms of the Electronic Arts European Headquarters. But as the glass top kept breaking when moving them around, they decided to get rid of all of them. The security guard at the headquarters took them out of the container and decided to sell them. Philippe heard about it and by the time he got there, there was only one table left. He had to pick straws with a few other architects and happened to pick the longest one, so he was the winner. He payed 50 euros for it, a real bargain. And that’s the story of how they have a beautiful Tecno Nomos table in their home office.

As seen in the photo:
Desk table: Norman Foster
Shelving system: String
Lean shelf: Allan Noddebo for Bolia

Interior inspiration by Cristina Perez and Philippe Brysse of One Team Architects.
Photography and storytelling by Jaan Wouters.

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