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A long-term work

A long-term work

After 1,5 year, Eliza was almost getting used to the plastering in her living room… 

“I was dreading the thought of painting our living room, but after 18 months of living there, we finally made time for it. It took eight people and three days to finish the job, and although it was a true pain in the ass, I’ve never been happier since. I seriously underestimated the effect of beautifully painted ceilings, walls and doors in our home – but it does make a world of difference!”

As seen in the photo:
Lounge chair: Eames
Sofa: Indera, via TORP
Standing light: IKEA
Parquet: Lamett
Interior inspiration by Eliza De Waele of Ergenstussenin.
Photography and storytelling by Laura Willems.

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