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A Spanish habit

A Spanish habit

Like most Spanish people, Cristina is often late.

Ever since their daughter was born, it’s become quite the challenge to create a fluent morning routine. The marble clock helps them to be on time for school and work, but Cristina assures us it doesn’t work miracles: they’re still late from time to time. For once, it was not Cristina obsessing over a design item; Philippe had fallen in love with the Love Seat by Lucian Ercolani and Cristina gave it to him for his birthday. Every birthday or wedding anniversary is a good excuse to buy themselves a new piece of furniture or accessory to turn their house more into a home, filled with pieces they love.

As seen in the photo:
Bench: Love Seat by Lucian Ercolani 
Plant pot: Ferm Living
Wall clock: Menu
Interior inspiration by Cristina Perez and Philippe Brysse of One Team Architects.
Photography and storytelling by Jaan Wouters.

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