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A very happy Christmas

A very happy Christmas

The kitchen is many designer’s wet dream with the abundance of black, white and graphic accents.

“My husband and I decided to surprise each other for Christmas with a HAY chair, because we loved its design and had set a bit of savings aside. When we finally went out to buy them, it immediately became clear that it was more convenient to buy four chairs instead of two, because it just makes more sense when we have guests over at our place. Our Christmas presents suddenly became a bit more expensive, but we haven't regret the splurge since."

As seen in the photo:
Perpetual calender: Tom Pigeon, via Espoo
Chairs: HAY
Tripp Trapp highchair: Stokke
Lamp: vintage
Teapot: Menu
Blinds: Luxaflex, via Deruco
Interior inspiration by typographer Joke Gossé and her husband Roeland Leenaards.
Photography by Laura Willems.
Storytelling by Ellen De Wandeleer.

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