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This dresser was one of Joke and Roeland’s first 'big' purchases, and will travel with them to wherever they may live.

If Joke could take three things with her if her was on fire, what would she take? “Definitely my hard drive, because my whole archive is on it. I also have a beautifully knitted cardigan that I wore as a baby, which I passed it onto my own children as well. It holds beautiful memories. The third thing I would take with me, would be the necklace I wore at my wedding, now added with the initials of my family members.”

As seen in the photo:
Dresser: Habitat
Table lamp: SLV
Tray: Espoo
Vase: Moose in the City
Artwork: Jen Gossé
Candle holder: Madame Stolz
Interior inspiration by typographer Joke Gossé and her husband Roeland Leenaards.
Photography by Laura Willems.
Storytelling by Ellen De Wandeleer.

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