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Dare to ask

Dare to ask

When deciding which way you want to go with your interior, it’s never a crime to ask others for inspiration.

“The String-cupboards are eyecatchers in our small apartment. We didn’t want to do something standard with this white wall.” Yannick and Niels were assisted by Christophe Verbeke, owner of PIET Moodshop in Ghent. Both guys had some dreams and ideas, but it was Christophe who helped them take care of the details. “We both have a very busy life, and Christophe challenged us to think outside the box of the traditional. They already had some key pieces, like the HAY dinner table, but it’s the undivided whole that makes this house a home.

As seen in the photo:
Coasters: Muller Van Severen
Cupboard: STRING system by PIET Moodshop
Paper bag: Bliss Conceptstore
LEGO-head: LEGO collection
Vase: Bloomon
Candle lights: Tom Dixon
Dinner table: HAY CP30
Chairs: HAY AACl clean interiors.”

Interior inspiration by Niels and Yannick.
Storytelling by Ellen De Wandeleer.
Photography by Laurence Vander Elstraeten.

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