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From scratch

From scratch

Renovating a house comes with a lot of stress and in the case of Stany and Sandra with some unforeseen tricky situations…

“During the winter the construction workers made a little fire in this fireplace to keep them warm because their gas heater didn’t work anymore”, tells Stany “They extinguished the fire with a high pressure cleaner, some bits of black coal flew away and start smouldering all night.” Stany and Sandra were in South-Africa when their neighbour called to say that their house was on fire. “You can escape all the dust and work but obviously not the problems and worries. Luckily our neighbour saw the smoke in time or the whole house would have burned down with the ground.” With a big delay – all the renovations that have been done before the fire had to be done from scratch again – they still got their dream house.

As seen in the photo:
Rug: Orapronobis
Interior inspiration by Sandra Stragier and Stany Verswyver of Verswyver Vastgoed.
Photography by Laura Willems and storytelling by Isabelle Van Orshaegen.

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