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Guests welcome!

Guests welcome!

To call Nienke an avid traveler, is an understatement. This Dutchie has made the world her oyster.

“As Switzerland isn’t that far from the Netherlands – our home country – friends and family regularly come over. I’ve already gathered some hotel-experience, so I think I know how to make houseguests feel welcome by now. A high-quality mattress and bed are inevitable for a good night’s sleep, but a beautiful night light, soft bedding and lots of pillow and throws never miss their goal. Also, here’s a little secret: the linen blanket is actually a table cloth!”

As seen in the photo:
Bed: Phister
Side table: CB2
Chair: vintage
Bedding and pillows: IKEA
Long pillow: Ferm Living
Blanket: Zara
‘Be my guest’ sign: H&M Home
Painting: Marc Rambeaux, bought in Singapore
Interior inspiration by Nienke and Jan-Willem.
Photography by Stephanie Duval.
Storytelling by Nienke Muller.

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