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I have a thing for candle sticks

I have a thing for candle sticks

Collecting is no thing of the past. Some have a thing for stamps, and some, like Inge, have a thing for candle sticks.

She has put together quite the collection, scored at several online shops and second hand stores. Their unique look and feel make that you could stare at them for hours. The fun part about owning more than one is that you can switch up your interior when you feel like it. 

As seen in the photo:
Yellow barrel: Gift from a friend
Sideboard: Vintage heirloom
Candle stick left: Kneipp
Candle stick centre: Sarah Oakman
Candle stick right: Ichendorf Milano
Interior inspiration by Inge Rylant and Ringo Gomez-Jorge.
Photography & storytelling by Ineke Tack.

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