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Light art

Light art

Interior designer Roxanne Stevens renovated a historical townhouse in the center of Antwerp and turned it into a bed & breakfast. Her signature mix of modern with vintage elements make this place a wonderful place to stay, and a great source of inspiration.

Roxanne didn't want just any lighting fixture above the communal table in her bed & breakfast. After weeks of researching and finding only prohibitively expensive options, she decided to create her own. "If I count all the hours I spent on this project, plus all the little parts and pieces that I put together, I'm sure I could have just as well gone for one of those expensive hanging lamps", smiles Roxanne. But this creation is much more personal, and as such it allows for much more creativity. To people who want to create something similar in their homes, Roxanne has some advice: "You can take this concept a lot further than I did here. Do something unexpected with your constellation. Let one bulb come all the way down so it rests on your table or countertop, or let one bulb stray into a different space. Why not?"

As seen in the photo:
Lighting cords and bulbs:
Table: Roxanne's own design
Vase: Troc
Chairs: Bertoia
Stools: design by Roxanne's mom
Dish: Serax

Interior inspiration from Roxanne Stevens of bed & breakfast Rosier10.
Photography and storytelling by Stephanie Duval.

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