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Melrose place

Melrose place

Their property in Deurne is part of a co-housing project, tucked away behind some apartment buildings.

“Our neighbours jokingly talk about ‘Melrose Place’ when asking how we are... Throughout the years, it has become the second name of this place.” Katrien tells us. “Without all the intrigues, ofcourse!” Peter winks. Thanks to the monumental windows that are able open anywhere, the boundary between outside and inside disappears, especially in summer.

As seen in the photo:
Table: Vitra
Chairs: Eames by Vitra
Lighting: Frama Cph
Golden watering can: Stelton
Salt and pepper: iittala

Interior inspiration by Katrien Vernaillen of Interior Blonde.
Photography by Laurence Vander Elstraeten and storytelling by Ellen De Wandeleer.

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