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Multitasking 2.0

Multitasking 2.0

Taking care of two little boys, working full time, preparing for a baby, renovating, moving houses, surviving the Christmas holidays… It’s safe to say Sarah and Wouter did some next level multitasking the past few months.

Before they moved houses, Sarah and Wouter made sure the bedrooms of their three boys were decorated, so they wouldn’t feel sad about leaving their old home behind. Especially Lux – their oldest son who just turned five – is very happy to have a place for himself. He loves to play with his two younger brothers and doesn’t mind taking care of them, but sometimes he just needs a place to be on his own. A choice his parents most definitely respect and understand, so they’re happy he loves his room as much as they loved arranging it. Wouter used to sleep in this bed, and so did his dad and grandfather – which makes Lux’ bedroom even more special.

As seen in the photo:
Light switch and socket: Niko
Shelves and cabinet: IKEA
Interior inspiration by Sarah and Wouter.
Photography and storytelling by Laura Willems.

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