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No material girl

No material girl

Beige tends to be more warm and soft than white, but don’t get it wrong: it’s not boring at all!

The overall beige tones make the living room the perfect place for some family time. Although Isabelle loves a good hunt for new interior pieces and has the magic hands to decorate from zero, she would never feel truly at home without her family by her side. “It might be hard to believe, but I don’t value material things. I can easily live without comfort, but I could never live somewhere without my man and children.”

As seen in the photo:
TV-stand: DIY by Isabelle’s husband
Blackboard and prints with flowers: gifts from Isabelle’s father
Carpet: IKEA
Table: thrifted
Basket: Dille & Kamille
Suitcase: vintage
Interior inspiration by Isabelle Vermeersch.
Photography by Hannelore Veelaert.
Storytelling by Ellen De Wandeleer.

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