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Old friend

Old friend

This home was supposed to be a temporary fix for An and Tom, who both work in the medical field. However, they haven’t moved yet, and we suspect the arrival of their four children may have something to do with that.

We all know that moving away from home often translates into endlessly hunting for new furniture. However, you could always steal some items from your parents… “We didn’t have the budget for a new couch”, An tells us. But when you have young children who aren’t shy to test their writing skills on the living room’s center piece, this isn’t the worst fix. Besides, if there’s anything a thirty-year-old item does, it’s ooze character.

As seen in the photo:
Couch: vintage
Built-in closet: David De Clerq
Projector: Optoma
Carpet: Woltex
Interior inspiration by An and Tom.
Photography and storytelling by Ineke Tack.

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