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Old wooden floors

Old wooden floors

It’s obvious that Lea has a flair for making the right choices when it comes to picking solid, long-lasting materials. Fortunately, she didn't have to select the floor, because the wooden floorboards were already there and she just had to remove the old floor covering it.

Because her home is located on the first floor, she wanted to bring in as much daylight as possible and decided to oil the floors with a translucent, white layer. The new impression gives the old floor a modern twist and a warm feeling.

As seen in the photo:
Shelf: BETTER shelf by MY KILOS
Artwork: DRY Things
Lights: MY KILOS
Armchair: original IKEA from the 60’ies
Interior inspiration by Lea Kaufman of Fantastic Frank and Studio Leka.
Photography and storytelling by Seraina Silja.

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