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Open feeling

Open feeling

The house has a great history and dates from the early thirties. Stany and Sandra compromised the authentic elements with a modern touch.

The detailed ceilings and wooden floors were elements they really wanted to preserve. But they needed to rethink the layout of the house, so it would suit their lifestyle. The house was seperated in a lot of rooms, but Sandra and Stany craved a more open feeling. They removed the doors between living room and dining room and installed an glass industrial door between the kitchen and dining area. You can either close it when you don’t want to be disturbed while cooking, or put it wide open when you are having guests.

As seen in the photo:
Cabinet: Flamant
Table: vintage
Chairs: Artepovere
Carpet: Tita Flying Carpets
Interior inspiration by Sandra Stragier and Stany Verswyver of Verswyver Vastgoed.
Photography by Laura Willems and storytelling by Isabelle Van Orshaegen.

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