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Original elements and natural lighting

Original elements and natural lighting

Brecht and his partner searched a long time for an apartment that really suited them.

It had to feel right and should have those original elements they are both so keen on, of course. “This apartment immediately got my attention because of the lay-out. It is very wide and shoal and it has a lot of beautiful, natural lighting from both sides.”

As seen in the photo:
Side table: Cork by Jasper Morrison
Rocking chair: Eames in Charcoal
Paint: Deep Sea Blue by Emente
Carpet: vintage
Wooden object: Teo’s (their cat) scratch pole
Painting: Annemie Augustijns
Interior inspiration by Brecht Baert, co-founder and curator of Studio Helder.
Photography by Liesbet Goetschalckx.
Storytelling by Sanne Meurs.

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