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Pigeon party

Pigeon party

The attic used to be a shelter for pigeons, so you can imagine there was a lot of work to do before they could turn it into their bedroom…

Renovating comes with a lot of stress. After working in their home for a few months, Eliza went on a much-needed holiday to Ibiza with a few of her girlfriends. When she came back, it turned out that Elwin had made the attic his ‘little’ project and transformed it into a decent room, almost ready to sleep in. Eliza was over the moon with excitement, and it gave her a boost to tackle the other renovation jobs waiting…

As seen in the photo:
Bed, night lights and nightstands: IKEA
Light switches: Niko
Mirror: vintage
Interior inspiration by Eliza De Waele of Ergenstussenin.
Photography and storytelling by Laura Willems.

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