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Practical and gorgeous

Practical and gorgeous

"While designing the bathroom, we especially took the practical aspects into account. We created a lot of storage space and I wanted to make sure the materials would be easily kept clean."

“That’s why we choose the ceramic grey floor tiles over the white ones to tile the shower, because I knew white tiles would drive me crazy very soon – cleaning wise. For the white tiles on the walls we picked very basic (and budget!), mat tiles.” 

As seen in the photo:
Table: Custom made
Stool: Sinnerlig (IKEA)
Towel: Hay
Interior inspiration by Katrien Iemants and Jan Segers for Feeling Wonen.
Styling by Sigrid de Ceuleneer.
Photography by Liesbet Goetschalckx.
Storytelling by Sanne Meurs.

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