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Professional deformation

Professional deformation

Eliza used to blog about all things personal, but she discovered a hidden passion during the renovation works: interior design.

“I liked working in social welfare, but blood is thicker than water, so I re-educated myself as an interior designer. The past years, I ate a lot of dust, was often covered in paint and already re-organized my home a few times, but it was the perfect place to experiment with my recent acquired knowledge and turn it into real results. The evening classes were great to learn all the basics, but you’ll only know how to deal with the real stuff when you’re renovating yourself.” As her interior is somewhat finished these days, she’s happy to have time for the fun stuff (a.k.a. the styling!) She loves to create beautiful corners in her home, but has to pay attention she doesn’t turn it into a concept store or museum of curiosities. Professional deformation, much?

As seen in the photo:
School desk: vintage
Poster: Tellkiddo at Lolotte
Frame: A Little Love Company
Plant pot: IKEA
Interior inspiration by Eliza De Waele of Ergenstussenin.
Photography and storytelling by Laura Willems.

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