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Pseudo tiles

Pseudo tiles

The bathroom floor isn’t made of stone tiles – it’s made of vinyl! Whenever she posts a picture of the bathroom floor on her Instagram account, Sarah gets a truckload of questions about it.

“The moment I saw this patterned vinyl floor by BerryAlloc, I knew I wanted it for our bathroom! I love the playful Portuguese pattern, the warm and soft feel beneath my feet and the fact you can’t see any dirt or stains on it. Which is a real must when having three kids at home, by the way. It can get a little dirty sometimes, but you don’t want a daily reminder of that, now do you? Another plus: vinyl is very easy to install and it doesn’t cost you an arm a leg! I’m a fan, can you tell?”

As seen in the photo:
Vinyl: BerryAlloc
Metro tiles: Gamma
Bath tub and sinks: H2O
Cabinet, mirrors and shelf: IKEA
Interior inspiration by Sarah and Wouter.
Photography and storytelling by Laura Willems.

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