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Right place, right time

Right place, right time

On their way to the market, right around the corner of their previous home, Liene and William noticed someone taping a 'for sale' sign to the window of this house.

They immediately rang the door bell and had a first look at what turned out to be their future home. While the couple had been looking for a new house during quite some time, they never stressed about not finding the right place. Then they bumped into this one by accident and fell in love... Sometimes you just get lucky!

As seen in the photo:
Rocking chair: RAR by Vitra
Plywood stool: Tabouret Jean by WØTI
Cork stool: Jasper Morrison for Vitra
Dentist metal cabinets: vintage
Metal/brass plant stand: Ferm
Plywood plant stand: WØTI
Metal basket: Thelma Coffee & Design
Floor plaid: CamCam Copenhagen
Interior inspiration by Liene Meneve and William Hakelbracht of Vizien and WØTI.
Photography and storytelling by Hannelore Veelaert.

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