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The only disadvantage of an authentic bay window? There’s no insulating glazing possible without ruining the original features.

When it comes to their bay window, Charlotte and Frederic prefer aesthetics over comfort. The original art nouveau bay window comes with a sash and brass handles, and installing insulating glazing would ruin these beautiful elements. They lose a lot of warmth during Winter, and sometimes it can even get a little cold – that’s why the cleaning lady always keeps her jacket on – but it’s a sacrifice they gladly make. “We just wear an extra sweater”, they laugh.

As seen in the photo:
Sofa: Hay
Table and bench: Pure Wood Design
Chairs and rug: IKEA
Side table: Hay
Interior inspiration by Charlotte and Frederic.
Photography by Liesbet Goetschalckx.
Storytelling by Laura Willems.

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