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Say it with pink

Say it with pink

When Eliza has an idea in her mind, she’ll cross borders to make it happen. Literally.

As soon as Eliza worked out the first ideas for Lucet’s nursery, it was clear she needed a vintage cabinet to use as closet space and changing table. As she couldn’t find anything she liked on several second-hand websites, she was ready to throw in the towel and change her ideas. Luckily, she stumbled upon an inspiring address in Gouda, the Netherlands, where they happened to sell the cabinets she desired so much. A short conversation with her partner (who’s always in for crazy ideas) and a few weeks later, the couple drove to Gouda to buy Lucet’s first cabinet and spend the day in this picturesque Dutch city. Eliza only showed the result on her blog after Lucet was born; the pink colour would reveal the gender too soon!

As seen in the photo:
Cabinet: vintage, bought at Inboedelhuis Gouda
Diaper bin: Brabantia
Shelving system: String
Changing mat: Done by Deer
Interior inspiration by Eliza De Waele of Ergenstussenin.
Photography and storytelling by Laura Willems.

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