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Skate mecca

Skate mecca

As Marie and her husband consider the kitchen their favourite room in the house, they preferred a large kitchen over a separate dining room, which they’d probably never use.

It became so big; the children can even skate around the table! They chose a concrete floor for two reasons: because it’s practical, but also because they think it looks very chic. The architecture agency Zoom Architecture recommended the wooden claustra on the walls, on which they put some shelves. Marie likes the clash of the old wooden beams with the concrete floor.

As seen in the photo:
Kitchen: designed by Zoom Architecture
Chairs: thrifted, covered with fabric of Swapp
Bread bin: Wesco
Table: Ellipse, designed by Piet Hein and Bruno Mathsson
Coloured bottles: bought at Le Petit Coin
Interior inspiration by Marie Thibaut, founder of ZebraBook.
Photography & storytelling by Jaan Wouters.

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