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Sleep tight

Sleep tight

Hotel Apostroff is a valuable asset in providing accomodation to the tourists of Coxyde, a beach town near the French border. Since a few years, it's also possible to rent their small but authentic villa across the street...

The outside of the villa still looks the same as it did in the beginning, but hotel managers Carine and Luc transformed the interior into something more appropriate for the needs of today. Cottage houses are characterized by lots of narrow rooms, which were needed to keep the heat inside, but that partition became unnessecary when central heating was normalized. So they broke every unnessary wall out, and decorated this charming house with several design items available at TORP. Once again, combining authentic and modern elements proves to be a succesful interior trick.

Interior inspiration by Carine and Luc from Hotel Apostroff.
Photography and storytelling by Laura Willems.

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