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Soaked in sunlight

Soaked in sunlight

In autumn and winter, it's nice to enjoy the rare rays of sunlight in this corner...

"When the sun comes up, this corner is sunlit. Especially in the late afternoon during autumn and wintertime it is really nice to sit behind the high glass window. We are thinking about putting a small table and some chairs in the corner, so we can enjoy the morning sun in the winter. Every piece of furniture has a transparent backside. That way we maintain the open spaces. This cabinet is my favourite piece of furniture. It is perfect for this corner.”

As seen in the photo: 
Chair: Ekenäset (IKEA)
Lamp: La Lampe Mantis (DCW-éditions)
Magazine basket: XL Boom
Leather pouf: Fred de la Bretoniere
Cabinet on the wall: Alfred Hendrickx (Belform) – bought at Vintage Design Point
Interior inspiration by Katrien Iemants and Jan Segers for Feeling Wonen.
Styling by Sigrid de Ceuleneer.
Photography by Liesbet Goetschalckx.
Storytelling by Sanne Meurs.

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