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Style blend

Style blend

When Annemarie moved in, it took a while before everything fell into place – Boy was quite the Mondriaan-type – think lots of blue, red and yellow – while Annemarie’s style is more classic.

“The giant illustration from Petra Lunenberg is one of the pieces we bought together. Before that, there used to hang a few paintings from Boy, but then we made the decision to look for something that merges both our style and taste.” They immediately loved the print, and the monumental size is a true eyecatcher in the apartment.  

As seen in the photo:
Artwork: Petra Lunenberg, from OODE
Chairs: Charles Eames
Ceramic leopard statue:
Tortoise shell: Luxury By Nature
Necklaces made out of shells: Bali
Interior inspiration by Annemarie, founder of Enfait Magazine, and Boy.
Photography by Ineke Tack.
Storytelling by Ellen De Wandeleer.

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