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The right composition

The right composition

Cristina and Philippe have lived in their apartment for more than three years now, so all the rooms are more or less completely decorated.

Every time they had a new piece of furniture coming, it was always a debate to decide in which room to put it, where and how exactly. Hanging a String pocket shelf, a print or even a plant pot somewhere is always up for discussion between the two architects.

As seen in the photo:
Shelf: String pocket
Marble candleholder: Nordstjerne
Porcelain boxes: Ferm living
Marble pots: Louise Roe
Kaleido trays: Hay
Plant pot: Ferm Living
Plate: Iittala Alvar Aalto 
Print: Monsieur Madame
Interior inspiration by Cristina Perez and Philippe Brysse of One Team Architects.
Photography and storytelling by Jaan Wouters.

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