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The city of Brussels might look like a grey concrete jungle; its outer districts are often surrounded by greenery. It inspired architect Catherine Bils and Thomas Vanwindekens to build their own treehouse on top of their third-floor apartment.

To choose is to lose; you can’t enjoy city life and be surrounded by nature at the same time. But some people want it all, and when you master the art of architecture there are suddenly a whole lot more possibilities to choose from. That’s why Catherine and Thomas decided to buy the top floor of an old manor house in Forest, one of the greenest areas of Brussels, to build their own cabin on top of it over time…

As seen in the photo:
Sofa: HAY
Rug: Design House Stockholm
Shelving system: String
Interior inspiration by Catherine Bils and Thomas Vanwindekens of Spotless Architecture.
Photography and storytelling by Laura Willems.

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