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Two duvets, one bed

Two duvets, one bed

Sam introduced a Scandinavian habit into the bedroom that could save relationships, according to the couple.

In Scandinavian countries it is accustomed to fold two twin-sized duvets in half or thirds and lay them side-by-side on the bed. “When you both have your own duvet, you’ll never fight again about who’s hogging the blankets” Hanna explained.  “Without that tug o’ war in the middle of the night, a good night’s sleep is guaranteed and we all know what good that does for your mood!”

As seen in the photo:
Duvet cover: Hema
Shark: IKEA
Moutain pillow: Sloppop

Interior inspiration from Hanna Moens and Sam Gilbert.
Photography & storytelling Hannelore Veelaert.

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