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Atelier Belge

Atelier Belge

It doesn’t matter if you’re still experimenting to find your own unique style: Atelier Belge makes it easy to play around with trends, styles and setups and their products are therefore the perfect way to personalize your home. 

What’s in a name: Atelier Belge is a Belgian based design studio and the brainchild of Deevie Vermetten and Oskar Vermeylen. They’re specialized in quirky interior items and stand for sophisticated design, functionality and personalization – three principles we completely support.

The modular unit ‘Loopholes’ is their pièce de resistance and the quintessence of their three beliefs… Its minimal design excels in simplicity; the different setups are unlimited and the constant stream of new applications encourage you to completely customize that grid! And when you’re completely over a certain look or utilization, you can start all-over – how cool is that? To choose is to lose doesn’t apply on Atelier Belge’s Loopholes, that’s for sure…

Why we love them

Atelier Belge’s ‘Loopholes’ isn’t bound by trends, styles or functions and therefore the perfect all-round interior item that fits into every corner of your home.

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