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Belgian paint shop Colora helps you to figure out what colour combinations fit your personality, mood and lifestyle best. They understand that the true power of colour lies in its ability to shake you up, calm you down, get you energized or keep you grounded – whatever you need, really.

Colora is the franchise formula of Boss paints, a company that feels comfortable in being the creative outsider and always handles things their own unique way. Boss paints is paint manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer at once, and sells its exciting and inspiring collections exclusively at Colora.

"If you only had one mood, we would only make one colour."

Translating trends into reality has become the habit of Boss paints. They developed several colour collections, including 'We are colour'. In its most recent update, the company distinguished 5 different moods containing 84 new colours. As it’s impossible to describe yourself in one word, why would you identify ourselve with only one colour? Whether you’re an early adopter, nostalgic soul, modern bohemian or lover of basics; Boss paints developed a collection for every personality, while Colora's professionals will help you to make the right choice in colour and paint.

Why we love them

Colora helps you conquering the quest to the right colour palette at home. With more than 400 different colours to choose from, the ‘We are colour’ collection has something for every personality, mood or lifestyle. Personalising your home has never been easier.

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