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Ethnicraft’s furniture originates from rational ideas, but has a distinctly emotional quality. While the designs are always functional, the little imperfections and evolutions of the wood reflect the stories of the people who live with them.

When a piece of furniture survives its first owner and gets passed down from generation to generation, more often than not it is made of wood. The natural and raw material makes sure no two pieces of furniture are exactly the same – transposing their uniqueness to the homes where they end up.  

Ethnicraft has been creating functional furniture with timeless and contemporary designs for over twenty years now always respecting the environment and our society in the process. The company continuously researches innovative techniques in working with solid wood and the possibility to combine oak, teak and walnut with other materials. Creating high quality collections of timeless furniture is what they do. Honouring the nobility and expressiveness of natural wood is the way they do it.  

Why we love them 

'Emorational' is the art of combining quality and functionality with a unique and expressive character. We’re always looking for interiors with these characteristics, so Ethnicraft’s emorational designs are right up our alley!

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