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A house is like a dear friend; you appreciate its strengths and acknowledge its flaws, but the only thing that matters is that you trust it with your life and most precious belongings. But what if you could make your home even more trustworthy? Design studio Fermetti helps you to redesign your home into a place that’s entirely adaptable to your way of life; by customising every corner, they create a true connection between a house and its inhabitants.

Fermetti is a collective of designers and makers who develop customised furniture for different spaces, functions and events. The design studio was founded by Deevie Vermetten, who values timeless design, sustainable materials and high quality over anything else. You’ll always recognize a Fermetti design by these three characteristics, even if every concept is entirely different to one another. 

Great design starts with a good conversation. That’s why Deevie and his team will set up a meeting before putting anything on paper. When your vision aligns Fermetti’s aesthetics, they’ll surprise you with a first draft of their ideas. Communication, interaction and transparency are key before commencing the production process. Everything’s flexible: from the bar to have that first meeting (Deevie and co. consider this the best environment to get to know you better) to the day of installation. 

Why we love them

Fermetti creates a true connection between a house and its inhabitants.