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When you’re renovating or moving house, window coverings are often overlooked or sometimes even the last thing on your mind. Truth is, they’re an essential that often influences the entire atmosphere at home. Inside Blinds inspires to use window coverings as a smart tool to create a happy home.  

Belgian company Inside Blinds creates blinds, curtains and innovative new products – all of which dress up your windows to make them look their best. As market leader in window blinds, Inside presents a patented system that is easy to use, makes it even easier to wash the fabrics, and looks great in any circumstance – a deal breaker when having kids and/or pets! Available in a large number of different fabrics and colours, some of which can be customized with prints, there’s a solution for every window, in any interior or style. 
With innovative fabrics that present the look and feel of natural linen – but are washable and shrink proofand a beautiful new collection of wood blinds, Inside offers everything you need to bring that beautiful natural look into your home. Their innovative adhesive fabric Squid is easy to apply to windows in any size or shape, and offer an elegant way to keep outsiders from peeping into your home, while you still get to enjoy the view. 
Why we love them 

Inside blinds are smart and pretty - that sums up everything we look for in window coverings.

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