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Master Meubel

Master Meubel

Ever since Pinterest and Instagram came along, design became commonplace. But there's a reason why certain pieces are considered 'design', and Master Meubel made it its mission to enhance the context of those design classics. Sure, design is about aesthetics, but it's about so much more, too!

Master Meubel opened its doors in 1985 and originated out of a small family business. They were among the very first in Belgium to focus exclusively on distributing quality designer furniture from all over the world, and they still are the only ones boasting such a large and architecturally interesting showroom. The concept store has its own team of interior designers and has set up a comprehensive service, with its own furniture manufacturing, a paint shop, upholstery and a studio for window decoration. Online, Master Meubel offers an extensive collection of iconic classics, new designs and desirable objects.

Why we love them

Context is key at Master Meubel; we love a company with content.

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